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Domain Name Management

​​In the age of e-commerce and online sales, your website connects your products and services with customers.  Registering your domain name protects your online investment and is a valuable asset within your IP portfolio.

There are several factors to consider when registering and maintaining a domain name (website address) and can be overlooked. These include ensuring the domain name is available and not protected as a trade mark, the correct legal ownership and keeping track of renewal date.

One Point of Contact

GWW offer a full domain name registration and maintenance service, providing you with a single point of contact for your company’s domain name needs. We can assist with the selection of new domain names, register domain names in the UK and worldwide and look after their maintenance and renewal.


GWW Domain Name Management

GWW can provide an integrated service addressing domain names management and enforcement.  We can assist you with the following:

  • Selecting new domain names
  • Registering your domain names in the UK and worldwide
  • Management, maintenance and renewal of domain name registrations
  • Monitoring a new domain and notify you if it becomes available
  • Watching new domain names that conflicts with your trade marks
  • Taking action against third parties in domain name disputes
  • Enforcement action and domain name disputes
  • Take action against cybersquatting
  • Taking down websites, webpages, social media and online marketplace listings
  • Recovering domain names.

In addition, with the growth in internet users, ease and accessibility of information on the internet and the importance of social media many new challenges are presented.

It is increasingly common for brand owners to be faced with online infringement, misuse or abuse of trade marks or brands in AdWords, on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook.  Policies are in place on many search engines and social media sites to protect trade marks.

We can help protect and stop unauthorised use of your brand name, trade mark and intellectual property online by removal of content, posts, social media accounts whether that be directly against the infringing party,  or through social media platforms or website hosts.

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